Your defense and security

Worldwide seaport and shipping operations collectively represent one of the single greatest challenges to the security of nations and to the global economy today. Consequently, the maritime industry is increasingly becoming an important target for both terrorist and criminal organizations.

Growing volumes of freight and transport links call for stricter security measures, albeit with minimal impact on port operations and customer service.

Leveraging on its experience in maritime security, Omega Consulting Group offers an array of services that focus on the integration of manpower, canine and technological systems. Working closely with our clients, we offer optimal solutions that both meet budgetary requirements and comply with security standards set out by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and regulatory Authorities.

Our services:

- Port security
- Ship security
- Installation of security systems
- Armed escort
- Provision of maritime quick reaction teams
- Border surveillance
- Maritime interdiction operations

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