Your defense and security

Total Intel is the answer to those complex and often fast-breaking requirements. We provide a one-stop service able to meet all the intelligence, operational and security needs required by today's global business environment. From this unique perspective, Omega Consulting Group sheds light on aspects of intelligence that escape the wider news media, such as secret diplomacy, covert operations or emerging conflicts. In an ever-changing world, Omega Consulting Group provides the keys to a clearer understanding of the moves made by intelligence services, corporate intelligence firms and lobby groups.

Our Services Include:

- Business intelligence
- Country profiling
- Due diligence
- Economic & Socio-Economic analysis
- Emerging market intelligence
- Geopolitical risk analysis
- Global threat intelligence
- Intelligence gathering and analysis
- Intelligence solutions
- Investment intelligence
- Market research intelligence
- Risk forecasting
- Special projects (detailed information is available upon request)

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